One Word at a Time: Hippopotamus


This podcast was a collaborative effort from a team of five. The voices you hear belong to Lucy, Maddie, Oden, and Dakota. The remaining team member (Sam) helped with research, script writing, sound effects, and audio editing. The students used a Zoom recorder and edited the audio files in audacity in our school's computer lab. If they got stuck, they watched Youtube videos and figured things out. Because the students created a podcast series, when one group figured out how to edit a specific aspect of the file, they shared their knowledge with other groups. In this episode, the group looks at the word "hippopotamus." They find out this word's history and the number of words that are related to it. They also share interesting facts about the hippopotamus. They were surprised to find out it is related to whales!

Cabridge, WI
Date Added: 
Wednesday, July 24, 2019