About Financial Literacy: TEACH IT
Financial Literacy: TEACH IT! is a multi-media professional development resource designed around Wisconsin’s new Personal Financial Literacy standards. Twenty one short videos demonstrate effective teaching of each of the seven standards in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. Additional resources available include links to lesson plans and online resources for each standard, as well as information for parents and a place for educators to share their experiences teaching financial literacy.

All video episodes are available on this website. The videos are also available to Wisconsin educators for streaming or download on WIMediaLab.org.

Financial Literacy: TEACH IT! was created by ECB in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions and Wisconsin Public Television. The project was guided by a 20-member advisory committee.

AWARD: On March 30, 2010 we received the Governor’s 2010 Financial Literacy Award for Financial Literacy: TEACH IT. ECB was among six individuals and nine organizations selected by Governor Jim Doyle to receive this award which recognizes excellence in promoting money management and financial skills. (see image to right)


Personal Financial Literacy Advisory Committee

Susan Bendik Library Media Specialist, Dodgeville Elementary School, Wisconsin

Patrick W. Kubeny Educator, Rhinelander High School, Wisconsin

Sandi Linde Educator, Fond du Lac High School, Wisconsin

David Mancl Director, Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, Member of President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy

Jamie Nutter District Administrator, Fennimore Community Schools District, Wisconsin

Julie Roidt Olson Educator, Phillips Middle School, Wisconsin

Gwen Pavelski Educator, Westside Elementary School, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Beth Ratway Learning Point Associates

Sheri Schmidt Educator, Ripon High School, Wisconsin

Kim Schroeder Educator, Sherman Multicultural Arts School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Scott Sommer Educator, Bradley Technical and Trade School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jeff Sroka Excel Academy for Financial Literacy, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kristina Stadler Children’s Outreach Manager, Wisconsin Public Television

Mary Trautschold Educator, West Junior High Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Jennifer Wegner Business and Information Technology/Wisconsin FBLA Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

William E. Wilcox President, CBM Credit Education Foundation, Wisconsin

Financial Literacy: TEACH IT! Educators

Diana Borth Badger Ridge Middle School, Verona, Wisconsin

Barbara Goldstein Business and Economics Academy of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Anna Hammernik Business and Economics Academy of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tim Hopfensperger Tullar Elementary School, Neenah, Wisconsin

Jennifer Ingebritsen Winskill Elementary School, Lancaster, Wisconsin

Donna Kennedy Lafollette High School, Madison, Wisconsin

Erica Kentop McKinley Elementary School, Appleton, Wisconsin

Colleen Konicek Lac du Flambeau Public School, Wisconsin

Patrick Kubeny Rhinelander High School, Wisconsin

Kristine Labbus Neenah High School, Wisconsin

LaDonna Leazer Business and Economics Academy of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sandi Linde Fond du Lac High School, Wisconsin

Carrie Luedke Junior Achievement

Melissa Meyer DC Everest Jr. High, Weston, Wisconsin

LuAnne Moen Fennimore High School, Wisconsin

Janell Narveson Dodgeville Elementary School, Wisconsin

Marni Pingel Carl Traeger Elementary School, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Jill Strand Glacier Edge Elementary School, Verona, Wisconsin

Mary Trautschold West Junior High, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Erich Utrie Jefferson Middle School, Wisconsin

Carol Van Camp Appleton East High School, Wisconsin

Julie Woletz Cambridge High School, Wisconsin

Why Teach Financial Literacy Video

Governor Jim Doyle State of Wisconsin

State Superintendent Tony Evers, Ph.D Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Secretary Lorrie Keating Heinemann State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions

David Mancl
Office of Financial Literacy
State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions

Alejo Torres
Senior Outreach Manager
Corporate Communications

Robert Wynn

Don Wagener
Actor: Benjamin Franklin
Public Affairs Specialist
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

William Wilcox
CBM Credit Education Foundation

Financial Literacy: TEACH IT! Host

Kevin McKinley Certified Financial Planner, McKinley Money LLC.

Financial Literacy: TEACH IT! Actors

Mary B. Actor Read the Fine Print

John Barber Actor Credit Clues, Actor Million Dollar Lesson

Sandra Bonnici Hoecherl Actor Needs and Wants

Bryce C. Actor Career Cards

Quinn D. Actor Career Cards

JW H. Actor Career Cards, Actor Classroom Economy

Michael Hartung Actor Comparing Graham Crackers

Dan Hobson Actor Career Cards

Patricia Liu Actor Sneeze Insurance

Katie Lozano Actor Read the Fine Print

Nicole P. Actor Credit Clues

Erika P. Actor Credit Clues

Jessica Vanden Hogen Violinist Million Dollar Lesson

Zoey Dog Credit Clues

Financial Literacy: TEACH IT! Teasers

Mary Trimble

Wisconsin Public Television
Produced for the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board by Wisconsin Public Television

Phillip Ashby Scenic Designer, Set Construction

Russel Awe Tech Check Engineer

Kathy Bissen Director of Production

Frank Boll Videographer

Malcolm Brett Director of Broadcast and Media Innovations - University of Wisconsin Extension

Thomas Bruno Studio Camera, Floor Manager

Mary Pokorney-Donelan Unit Manager

Kerman Eckes Location Recordist

Mike Edgette Operations Manager

Michael Eicher Videographer, editor

Irene Ekleberry Captioner

Leslie Fitzsimmons Studio Camera

Evey Fleming Legal Liaison

Inga Foley Engineer

Chuck France Videographer

Cody Gill Teleprompter, Actor: Risk Management Theater

Jennifer Hadley Graphic Designer, Teaser Concept Committee Member

Mike Hansen Engineer

Jim Hermanson Engineer

Sarah Jacobs Narrator – Pilot Program

Bruce Johnson Videographer

Cassie Kienert Studio Camera

Kevin Lange Transcriber

Shirwil Scenic Designer, 3D Animator, Teaser Concept Committee Member

Steven Lukes Studio Lighting Designer

Tom Micksch Editor, Avid Post-Production Supervisor

Tom Naunas Location Recordist

Al Ritchie Engineer

Will Salzman Studio Switcher

Kira Sarkisian Transcriber

Tom Smith Engineer

Peter Sobol IT Specialist

Butch Soetenga Videographer

Curtis Sorensen Studio Audio

Kristina Stadler Children’s Outreach Manager

Marcus Steed Transcriber, Actor: Just Interest

James Steinbach Director of Television

Paul Stoffel Engineer

Cynthia Struye Business Manager

Paul Weber Operations Scheduler

Fred Wessel Producer, Editor, Videographer

Brad Wray Recordist

Ann Wilkens Media Librarian

Wendy Woodard Videographer

Wisconsin Educational Communications Board

Marta Bechtol Director of School Services

Michelle McGillivary Executive Assistant, Copy Editor

Peggy Garties Multimedia Analyst

Kurt Griesemer Instructional Programs Developer

Linda Hanson Education Division Administrator

Kristin Leglar Financial Literacy: TEACH IT! Project Director, Instructional Programs Developer

Lucinda Mack Designer

Gene Purcell Executive Director

Chad Reuter Instructional Programs Developer

Finn Ryan Interactive Media Specialist, Actor Financial Goal Setting

Susan Stevens Instructional Television Scheduling coordinator

Erin Buck Web Developer, Designer

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