Join Ben Franklin to hear what people have to say about the value of financial literacy education.

Why Teach Financial Literacy?
I wholeheartedly endorse the teaching of financial literacy for all ages. Financial education provides 21st century mathematics skills, economic knowledge, and lifelong opportunities for personal and professional success.

The ECB curriculum includes effective standards-based resources for all Wisconsin educators. The activities include effective classroom lessons and practical extensions to promote high student achievement. The parent resources allow families to learn new skills and to reinforce classroom learning. The Governor and I are very grateful to ECB for its excellent work which will be invaluable to the educators of our state.

-- Fmr. First Lady of Wisconsin Jessica Doyle
Photo of Jessica Doyle
The need for financial education in the United States has never been greater. The precipitous drop in savings rates and the rise of personal debt indicates a looming
crisis that will be averted only through the combined efforts of public and private
sectors, educators and, in the end, individuals making informed choices about their
own financial futures. These problems will not be solved by education alone, but we
are certain that they cannot be solved without education.

-- NASAA North American Securities Administrators Association