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¿Usted habla español? This month's Surf Report features Web sites for those teaching Spanish at elementary, middle or high school levels.

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Beginning and Intermediate

Noah Comprende from PBS is designed to teach Spanish to children ages six to eight through animated videos and games that help build vocabulary. In each three-minute video, a misunderstanding launches a comic misadventure. Each video features opportunities for kids to roll their cursor over objects on the screen to hear the Spanish translation.

The Maya & Miguel Web site from PBS gives children the opportunity for open-ended exploration with language-building activities. Animated activities and games on the site are available in both English and Spanish. A guide for parents and teachers is also available.

Sesame Street Spanish Videos are a fun way to introduce Spanish words and numbers for young language learners.

Panwapa is an interactive Web site for children ages 4 to 7 designed to foster global citizenship. The site, from Sesame Workshop, features talking muppets and activities for young students. Click "Spanish" at the bottom of the home page.

Semillitas de Aprendzaje (Leading to Reading) from Reading is Fundamental (RIF), is designed to help parents and childcare providers develop the language skills of their infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The Babies and Toddlers and Preschoolers section features age-appropriate early literacy activities. This is a great site for young Spanish speakers and language learners.

Clifford Interactive Storybooks lets students listen to stories read in Spanish, and and interact by choosing words to end each sentence.

The Spanish section of Languages Online features games and activities for beginning Spanish learners. The site was created by a teacher in the United Kingdom.

The Little Explorers English-Spanish Picture Dictionary from Enchanted Learning lets students look up words by letter, or browse for words under many topics such as adjectives, animals, colors, people and many more. Each entry has a simple illustration as well as the word in Spanish and English.

Hola Español is a kids Spanish language learning page from Hello World. It includes a talking picture dictionary, numbers practice, games, and an interactive map that allows students to click on a map of Latin America and hear each country’s name in Spanish.

Spanish Games and Learning provides four online games for Spanish language learners. This site is from Transparent Language, a language learning publisher.

Primary Spanish from the BBC features animated activities for Spanish learning for children.

Learn Spanish from the BBC includes lots of interesting resources for Spanish learners. “Talk Spanish” features video clips and short activities with topics such as greetings, your age and siblings, hotel and train, and more. “Spanish Steps” is a self-contained online course in beginning Spanish for teens or adults. Sueños includes short video and audio clips from a BBC TV series on such topics as buying things, food shopping, study and work, and more.

Spanish language drills give online practice in Spanish grammar, from Columbia University.

El Zoologico Electronico provides information about many animals in Spanish.

Plaza Sesamo, Sesame Street’s Spanish version, provides printable Spanish games and activities.

The Foreign Service Institute provides Spanish Courses online, including some texts and audio files.

Selected stories from EEK!--Environmental Education for Kids, the DNR Website for 4th through 8th grade students, are translated into Spanish .

Advanced Language Learners

Si’Spain is a site with information on Spanish language, culture, history and current affairs. The information is available both Spanish and English.

CNN en Español provides the opportunity to read and listen to the news in Spanish.

BBC Mundo is the BBC’s Spanish language news page. From this page students can read news articles, view videos, and listen to the news online in Spanish.

El Mundo is a Spanish news site with sections on news, culture, horoscopes, sports and more.

MundoHispano is a community of native speakers of Spanish from around the world, communicating in a MOO (Multi-user domain, Object-Oriented). Containing thousands of rooms representing over a dozen countries, all of them written by the native speakers logging on from those countries, MundoHispano provides contexts in which the language learner can communicate for authentic purposes, and learn about the many Spanish cultures.

Reference provides an English-to-Spanish and a Spanish-to-English dictionary, as well as links to other dictionary and language resources.

Created 5/2007
Last updated 10/20/2009
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